Name of Thrones

There are only two more episodes of Game of Thrones left, and we know you're not ready to leave Westeros. Why not pledge your life and honor to the wildly popular series by naming your baby after your favorite character?

If that sounds a little weird, don't worry. Your child wouldn't be alone. According to the New York Times, GoT-inspired names are becoming increasingly popular in the US and UK, particularly for girls. Don't be surprised when your son or daughter tells you about their friends Khaleesi, Arya, Sansa, and Daenerys—not to mention Gendry, Tyrion, and Jorah.

But if you really want to show off your maester-level naming skills and ensure that you're picking an incredibly unique name, consider one of these deep cuts:

Wun Wun


Of course, there are always old standbys like Jon and Sam.

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A noble name for a royal baby

Worried about how your family members feel about the name you've chosen for your baby? Try running it by the Queen!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child any day, leading to wild speculation about the name they've chosen. If you're a gambler, the smart money's on Diana, Isabella, Victoria or Alice for a girl and James, Albert, Phillip or Arthur for a boy. But for the risk takers, here are some more-interesting "royal" names:

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April showers bring May surprises...

Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and as of March 20, it’s official. Spring is in the air (in the Northern Hemisphere at least). As we enter this season of rebirth, it’s the perfect time to think of what to call your own blossoming buttercups.
Here are our top 10 "Spring" names:

Or show your devotion to the season and just go with Spring!


A new look for nymbler

It’s true what they say. They grow up so fast. Nymbler is more than 10 years old, and as you may have noticed, it now looks a little different.

We’re introducing nymbler’s new look. We noticed that in the past few years, more people were using our site on their smartphones and tablets, and our old design just wasn’t working for them. We’ve updated our app with a cleaner, more modern design that’s easy to use, no matter what device you’re on. Our new web app was built to make your search for a name as painless as possible by highlighting the names chosen for just you on simple, easy-to-read “name cards.” And of course, our mascot Storky got a facelift as well.

But don’t worry. Behind the scenes, nymbler still works the way it always has: suggesting names just for you, based on your likes and dislikes. Once you choose a name to get you started, our new app shows you name cards filled with information, like the name’s meaning and its popularity. When you like or dislike the name shown on the card, nymbler will automatically show you a new name card based on your choice. The more names you rate, the smarter nymbler’s suggestions will be. And remember, at any time, you can always click on the “Explore” cloud to get a new collection of names, inspired by the last name you looked at.

When you’re finished, you can see all the names you’ve rated under “History” on the “Keep” page—including your dislikes. This is how nymbler knows which names are perfect for you and which aren’t. (If you have a change of heart about a name on your list, you can delete it from your history using the “X” icon.) Add any or all of the names you liked to a “Keepers” list by clicking the “Star” icon next to the name, and share your entire list (or a single name) by clicking the “Share” icon (just in case you want to compare lists with a partner or friend).

If you ever need a refresher on how nymbler works, you can always revisit our “How-To Guide” from the menu in the upper right corner of the website.

We appreciate all the people who have been using our site over the last decade. We’re excited to continue to help you find the name that’s perfect for your kiddo, your fur baby, or even the main character in your novel. Give the new nymbler a try.

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Announcing the return of Nymbler!

Introducing the new Nymbler!

Storky is flying back with her bags full of new names and much more!
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Name of Thrones

There are only two more episodes of Game of Thrones left, and we know you're not ready to leave Westeros. Why not pledge your life an...